Krakow, Poland, 25 - 27 August 2021

Building a scalable low latency messaging platform for our Equities trading business

Server Side Java

Over past few years Equities technology teams in HSBC built out an in house trading platform that has enabled our business to grow trade flow and profits for our business. However we are now facing growing pains with some of our original design patterns and technology choices. We're re writing our next generation trade and order management processes to enable us to increase trade throughput, reduce latency and improve resiliency. Written in Java using an event bus / command pattern with a sharding model, we are focused on performance, bypassing the kernel network stack and using GC free techniques. We use specialized network cards, PTP interfaces and other hardware devices to achieve and measure our low latency requirements. To achieve the best performance we use UDP as our primary network protocol with Aeron open source library for multicast messaging in our colocated datacentres with trading exchanges. If you want to learn more about some of these technical choices as well as some lessons learned, please join us!

Scheduled on Wednesday from 11:40 to 12:30 in Room 2

Network Latency
Messaging Platforms

Alexandra Tessari


Alexandra Tessari has worked for HSBC Global Banking and Markets Technology since 2006. The first 6 years she worked as a tactical developer on the trading floors of Paris, New York and London building mostly pricing and volatility tools for traders. Later in 2013 she became IT project manager for a vendor Equity derivatives trading application used by traders internally. This happened at the time a new initiative in Equities technology was launched, to start building our core trading applications in house. After a successful demise of the vendor application in 2016 Alex moved fully into the in house electronic trading development team and eventually led the team in London working closely with globally distributed teams, in particular China and HK. In 2019 she relocated to Krakow to develop the Equities Technology team, and in early 2021 she was promoted to Poland Head of Markets & Securities Services Technology.

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