Krakow, Poland, 25 - 27 August 2021

Jessica Kerr

Jessitron, LLC

Jessica Kerr is a developer of twenty years, in languages from Java to Clojure to Elm to TypeScript. She is a conference speaker of ten years, on topics from functional programming to git to systems thinking. Her mission is to apply our growing knowledge of software systems to our lives and broader work in the world. Find her on twitter @jessitron, on her blog at, on the Greater than Code podcast, and keynoting conferences around the world.

Systems Thinking for Developers

Methodology & Culture

Good programmers are great linear thinkers. We can model our programs’ execution.

The great master of logical, rigorous thinking was John Von Neumann, mathematician. Progenitor of modern computer architecture, formalizer of quantum theory.

When programs join a distributed system, and when we join a team, certainty becomes elusive. Linear thinking is not enough.

Contemporary to Von Neumann was Gregory Bateson, anthropologist. Progenitor of systems thinking, raiser of octopuses.

From stories of these two scientists, Jess draws a collection of patterns from systems thinking that help in code, in software, and in life.

Scheduled on Wednesday from 09:00 to 10:00 in Room 1

Software Development

The One Development Technique at the Center of Everything


In the last decade, I've journeyed through OOP, functional programming, TDD, microservices, DevOps, etc etc etc. They all have their crucial contributions to how we write software, but one stands at the center.
It's Domain Driven Design.
In this talk, I'll describe DDD through the lens of several other paradigms -- from Wardley mapping and feminism through XP and security, see the core principles that drive this movement and how it is also present in DDD.
Then, I'll take the core principle of DDD as a lens on something bigger: how we work, how we live, what makes us human.
Use our understanding of software systems to gain understanding of ourselves.

Scheduled on Friday from 11:40 to 12:30 in Room 1

Functional Programming

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