Krakow, Poland, 25 - 27 August 2021

Marcin Wadoń


Marcin's experience comes from software development agencies — he has worked for several leading companies and startups in the last few years. He has earned a reputation for spreading good practices, designing architecture, cracking business problems, and delivering high-quality code. Together with his brother, he designed and implemented a custom smart home system from scratch. On a daily basis, Marcin is involved in developing an innovative blockchain solution working as a core protocol engineer, interfacing with the business side, and supporting a huge community. The complicated nature of the project required him to dive deep into quantum physics — luckily, he likes a good challenge. He is an enthusiast of category theory and functional programming, loves math and problem-solving.

How to rumour — eventually consistent information exchange in a distributed blockchain

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

An epidemic model was important in software engineering far before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the modern world. It is widely used for rumour spread modeling and design in information exchange. We are going to walk you through our journey with the highly complex distributed blockchain system. Throughout this story, you will learn about the architectural drivers we have faced, the communication models we have decided on, and the consequences of these decisions. The whole story is based on the real, living, and publicly available system that we have been actively working on. Although some niche terms found in math (category theory), blockchain, and Scala might be used in the presentation — there is no need for you to know them upfront as the focus is solely on architecture. You can learn how 50, 100, and many more nodes can easily talk to each other to get a distributed consensus.

Scheduled on Friday from 13:30 to 14:20 in Room 3


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